Thanks to their versatility, their design and their comfort, in recent years bio-fireplaces (or bioethanol fireplaces) are becoming increasingly popular.

First of all, it is advisable to buy only certified bio-fireplaces with high quality burners. Do not reduce the purchase of the bio-fireplace to a purely aesthetic fact.


Below, now, we will try to list some behavioral tips to take into consideration with the purchase and subsequent installation of this type of product:

• Always keep a fire extinguisher ready for use next to the bio fireplace (or bioethanol fireplace);

• Do not place the bio-fireplace near flammable or easily combustible materials (books, newspapers, curtains, ...);

• In case of burns, even superficial ones, call 118 and follow the instructions that will be given;

• Install the bio-fireplace (or bio-ethanol fireplace) only in rooms over 20 square meters with the possibility of being ventilated (no closed closets, “blind” bathrooms or the like);

• Do not store or inadvertently leave the fuel next to the bio-fireplace (always keep it in a different room);

• Do not cook food or heat drinks on the flame of the bio-fireplace;

• Use only high quality pure bioethanol suitable for combustion for the bio-fireplace;

• Always place the bio-fireplace (or bio-ethanol fireplace) in a perfectly horizontal position so that no fuel escapes from the tank and the bio-ethanol is regularly distributed in the burner. N.B: if you want to be sure of the slope of the bio-fireplace it will be sufficient to use a professional magnetic bubble;

• Never fill the tank more than the indicated level and pay attention that the bioethanol does not end up in other areas of the bio-fireplace;

• Always light the bio-fireplace with the appropriate extended lighters or with “long barrel” matches. Never use other types of ignition products;

• Always wait for the fuel in the tank and burner to run out completely and for the fire to go out by itself naturally. If you need to put out the fire early, use the special flame extinguisher and do not use other methods (pour water, ...);

• It is strictly forbidden to pour more fuel while the bio-fireplace is still in operation and the fire is still burning. If you want to refill the tank, you will have to turn off the fire, wait about 25 minutes for the burner to cool and then refill the fuel;

• Position the fireplace in such a way that it is inaccessible to children and pets;

• In the presence of children and pets do not leave the fire unattended;

• Always clean the bio-fireplace with the fire out and the burner cooled down. Only use a damp cloth for cleaning without the use of detergents;

• The bioethanol must be stored in an environment with temperatures below 23º and never in excessive quantities;

• The use of the bio-fireplace for children and minors is strictly prohibited;


Italian legislation

The CTI - Italian Thermotechnical Committee has drawn up the UNI 11518 standard which regulates bio-fireplaces (or bioethanol fireplaces).

In fact, some safety specifications, technical and operating instructions are required.

When purchasing one of these products, it must be checked that there is labeling and documents compliant with the UNI 11518 standard.

In addition, there must also be a label indicating the characteristics of the product (bioethanol consumption per hour, name of the manufacturer, type of fuel envisaged) and another that provides information on how to fill the tank.

In addition, maintenance, installation and use manuals must also be present inside the product.



• For proper installation and use, it will be necessary to follow the manufacturer's rules set out within the product itself or in the appropriate leaflets. In any case, it is mandatory to pay due attention and operate in maximum safety.

• The advice to get an optimal job is to always contact a highly specialized company that can help you.


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