The warmth of a fire that burns on returning home after a long day of work, sipping a good wine while reading a book in the company of the roar of the flames ... who does not want to enjoy these atmospheres in the refuge of their home?

Don't worry, now any of us can make this dream come true!

With a bio fireplace (or bioethanol fireplace)!


It is nothing more than ethanol (i.e. an alcohol) produced with the fermentation of biomass (agricultural products rich in sugar such as cereals, pomace and starchy products).

In the energy field it is used as a component of gasoline and in recent years it has found space as a fuel for biofireplaces thanks to its heating power and to the fact that it allows combustion without fumes and ashes, avoiding emissions harmful to humans (it emits only water vapor and anhydride carbon dioxide, it will therefore be sufficient to ventilate the rooms after switching off).

Bio-fireplace (or bioethanol fireplace): characteristics

This type of fireplace clears what were the constraints of the more traditional brick fireplace or the need for a flue and a hearth to burn wood.

It can be said that the bio-fireplace (or bio-ethanol fireplace) reflects the rhythms and needs of modern customers: versatility, freshness, speed and lightness:

• Versatility: it can be installed in any home without the need for building works;

• Freshness: hundreds of models available for every taste and need. From the designer fireplace to the classic one;

• Speed: as the modern world runs at a thousand an hour, even bio-fireplaces (or bioethanol fireplaces) are installed in a very short time and with extreme ease without requiring the intervention of a technician;

• Lightness: the absence of wood (which causes ash, smoke and dirt) and the lack of maintenance of the flue, make this product suitable even for lazy people and not very suitable for domestic work. Lighting the fireplace will only be a pleasure and will no longer entail duties.

• Other qualities that distinguish its uniqueness are:

• Stainless steel body to withstand high temperatures;

• Ignition times reduced to a minimum thanks to the reaction times of bioethanol;

• The flame that guarantees an immediately perceived heat even in rooms up to 20/25 square meters depending on the burners installed;

• Total safety of combustion guaranteed by the absence of sparks that could set fire to the premises;

• The color of the flames can change, depending on the power of the burner, from blue to orange and yellow.

Bio-fireplace (or bio-ethanol fireplace): functioning

The central core of a bio-fireplace (or bio-ethanol fireplace) is certainly the burner.

The burner can have different types of size and power, thus generating a more or less intense flame that can give a variable amount of heat and a particular color to the flame itself.

The duration of the flame therefore also depends on the type of flame generated, which usually, for a liter of fuel, varies from about 2 hours to about 6 hours for the most performing models.

Bio-fireplace (or bio-ethanol fireplace): where should it be placed?

Biofireplaces (or bioethanol fireplaces) soon carved out a large slice of the market and entered the hearts of many consumers because they have safety, an enveloping atmosphere and a design that makes them real display items.

• Safety: their being bio and highly safe (their fire does not produce sparks) allows them to be placed in any room of the house including the bedroom;

• Atmosphere: the atmosphere they create with the colors of the flame and their design is truly unique and allows you to make the space in which they are placed better;

• Design: the many models available on the market allow it to adapt to any style of home, from minimalist to contemporary ones.

It is for all the reasons listed above that a bio-fireplace (or bio-ethanol fireplace) can be placed anywhere in the house.

Last but not least, the ease of some models to be installed simply by connecting them to the power socket allows them to be moved easily and therefore to change their mind about their position.

Bio fireplace (or bioethanol fireplace): types

As already mentioned, there are thousands of models and types of bio-fireplaces (or bioethanol fireplaces).

Below we will try to group the types by categories and clarify to make the choice as easy as possible:

1. Location

• From the ground: positioned on the floor, this type of bio-fireplace (or bio-ethanol fireplace) resembles the classic fireplace with brazier and flue more than any other. Placed close to a wall, they are still the most popular model;

• Without base: truly revolutionary, the absence of a base allows them to also be placed on a wall-like wall (in fact they often have a frame around them almost to immortalize them);

• Center of the room: as the word says, this model of bioethanol fireplace does not need a supporting wall but can also be placed in the center of a room and is very often equipped with wheels that allow it to be moved. To give them more atmosphere, architects and interior designers sometimes study, above their location, a sort of plasterboard flue that automatically creates very engaging natural divisions in the environments in which it is placed;

• Ornament: trendy especially in the last two years, these miniature fireplaces have the prerogative of replacing the classic and now obsolete furniture or table objects, giving the furniture that houses it charm and modernity.

2. Outdoor-Indoor

• Indoor spaces: obviously all models of bio-fireplaces (or bioethanol fireplaces) are suitable for indoor application and, as mentioned before, there are thousands of them;

• Outdoor rooms: it is different if you want to install a bio-fireplace (or bio-ethanol fireplace) outdoors because in this case you will have to focus on models that have glass or other types of flame protection to prevent the latter from being turned off by atmospheric agents;

Bio fireplace (or bioethanol fireplace): how to install it?

First of all, it is possible to state that, to install a bio-fireplace (or bio-ethanol fireplace), it is not necessary to resort to a technician because most of the models on the market have easy-to-follow installation instructions.

Composed of individual intuitive elements to assemble, bio-fireplaces (or bioethanol fireplaces) only need a power outlet for their operation.

The absence of a flue, as mentioned in the previous paragraphs, allows installation anywhere in the house without any dangers.

N.B: it will be advisable to use a technician or a specialized company, only if you want to create a structure where to place the chimney itself and therefore the need to carry out building works.

Bio fireplace (or bioethanol fireplace): costs

First of all, let's start by saying that the costs of bio-fireplaces (or bioethanol fireplaces) can vary according to the model, the quality of the components (structure, materials and accessories) and the design.

It is therefore necessary to understand what is expected from the bioethanol fireplace and identify a minimum price below which it is not advisable to buy.

To avoid are all those bio-fireplaces (or bioethanol fireplaces) that do not comply with the regulations and lack any certification. It goes without saying that this absence of guarantees always coincides with possible defects and consequently with damage to health or risks of malfunction.

Below we will try to give an indicative threshold for each product category:

• From the ground: for a good quality model you go from a base of 450 € / approximately (below which the reflections set out above must be evaluated) and you can even reach € 9,000 (depending on the design model chosen) ;

• Without base: for a good quality model you go from a base of € 150 / approximately (below which the reflections set out above must be evaluated) and up to € 5,000 can be reached (depending on the design model chosen) ;

• Center of the room: for a good quality model, it ranges from a base of € 1,500 / approximately (below which the reflections set out above must be evaluated) and up to € 20,000 / approximately (depending on the design model) choice);

• Ornament: in this case we are talking about small models for which the reasonable amount can vary from € 70 up to € 500 / approximately.

N.B: The above prices are the source of a web survey carried out on 04-2020 and therefore subject to change. The concept expressed above remains valid, namely that the prices of these products have a very wide range.

Bio fireplace (or bioethanol fireplace): extra costs

Determining factors in order to establish the price of a bio fireplace (or bioethanol fireplace) are all the extra accessories that can be installed:

• Burners: automatic or manual, with liquid anti-overturning system, with gradual release of bioethanol, double-walled, with intensity adjustment, ... in short, as you can guess, it is one of the elements that can shift the cost of the bio-fireplace important (Price range from € 350 to € 1,500);

• Safety elements: prolonged safety lighter, tempered glass, detectors of the presence of bioethanol in the tank after combustion, protective external walls, carbon monoxide detectors, ... all items that can affect the final cost of the bio-fireplace (Price range from € 35 for an extended lighter to € 900);

• Aesthetic extras: fake wood, white stones, square frames, ... unnecessary products with an impact on the relative price (Price range from € 20 to € 200);

N.B: This product category can be installed even on bio-fireplaces that you already own. In fact, it is possible at any time to improve the performance and safety of your bio-fireplace (or bioethanol fireplace).

Bio fireplace (or bioethanol fireplace): maintenance costs

A separate topic are the maintenance costs for a normal use of a bio fireplace (or bioethanol fireplace).

The most common maintenance costs are listed below:

• Fuel: this is the highest cost to bear. There are different types of fuel on the market but the advice is to use only and exclusively pure bioethanol (about € 3.50 per liter). N.B: a biofireplace lit for 3 hours a day consumes about 5 liters of fuel per week;

• Cleaning: it does not require particular costs as it will be sufficient to clean the bio-fireplace with a damp cloth. At the end of the season, allow the fuel to burn completely, allow the brazier to cool and clean any possible presence of soot;

• Check: a technical check is recommended approximately every 2 years to check the burners and consumable parts;

N.B: as can be seen there are no high maintenance costs but it is advisable to follow the instructions above.

Bio fireplace (or bioethanol fireplace):

safety rules

For proper installation and use, it will be necessary to follow the manufacturer's rules set out within the product itself or in the appropriate leaflets.

In any case, it is mandatory to pay due attention and operate in maximum safety.

N.B: for further information, refer to the specific article on our website regarding safety standards for bio-fireplaces.



1. The flame that generates a bio-fireplace (or bio-ethanol fireplace) consumes oxygen like a gas stove! It is strongly recommended to place a bio fireplace (or bioethanol fireplace) only in rooms of at least 15 square meters and to ventilate the room every hour of use for at least 10 minutes;

2. The bio fireplace (or bioethanol fireplace) is unable to generate heat for the whole house! It is very often a design choice and only in some cases a supplementary heating support that will necessarily have to be placed side by side with the existing ones;

3. When purchasing, it is always advisable not to settle for the first bio-fireplace that you go to see (however beautiful it may be and at a competitive price), but to make an investigation among several retailers in the area and evaluate all the characteristics well. of the product in question;

4. By purchasing from manufacturing companies, you can save on cost while maintaining high quality, especially if you focus on stock products or inventories;

5. If you buy a bio-fireplace via the internet, you will need to evaluate the shipping costs;



The advice for getting an optimal job is to always contact a highly specialized company that can help you.


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