With the occasion of the "Milan Week of Furniture" it is customary to draw conclusions on fashions and trends of living without excluding important indications on the ways of living the house in our days.

Some surveys report that almost 70% of Italians see their home as the place to "hide" from everyday stress and 40% also consider it a place to welcome friends and family to spend time together.

58% are satisfied with their home, while 42% think it is necessary to restructure both to improve the energy efficiency of the home and to improve the functionality of the same, perhaps integrating a home automation system of plant management.

The rooms that are the object of desire for reconstruction are mainly the bathroom, the kitchen and the living room.

But the encouraging figure of this interview turns out to be that concerning the question that concerns the type of material that is thought to be used for work at home; the answer, in fact, is the plasterboard for 80% of cases, which therefore shows that it has now carved out a strong role within the construction sector and specifically in the restructuring sector.